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Thomson Screening Solutions

About us

Most people remember being asked to read a vision chart at the end of a murky corridor as part of the school health screening. Results were often wrong and the feedback to parents was usually a scrap of paper. We have brought health screening in schools into the 21st century with a radical new system which combines best practice and technology to provide a sensitive, specific and highly cost-effective solution.

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How does it work?

The role of the school nurse
  • A screening app is loaded onto a laptop (table version to follow)
  • The school nurse or screener is assigned a number of schools
  • The app automatically downloads the names of the children to be screened in these schools from a central server
  • The child views a variety of vision tests on the laptop screen
  • Hearing and height/weight results can also be recorded
  • The results are automatically uploaded back to the server
  • That’s it!
What we do
  • We then analyse each set of results
  • Each record is reviewed by an optometrist or orthoptist
  • We print customised letters for the parent of each child
  • We check that each child with a vision of hearing problem receives a secondary examination
  • We follow up those who do not attend
  • We audit the entire process and provide teams and Schools with regular reports


  • If you are an optometrist, orthoptist, doctor or audiologists and a child has been referred to see you, we need your help!
  • We need you to feedback the results of your examination to confirm that the child has been examined and the outcome.
  • Only by knowing this can we complete the audit trail for each child
  • If you have not done this before, click on Clinician Sign Up below. It will only take a minute or so and we do need to know who you are before we go any further.
  • Then click on the Clinician Login button below and follow the instructions
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